What’s the Big Deal ... 


Health Canada sends more than two dozen body bags to Manitoba First Nations Reservations.

  1. Bullet“Umm, I don’t know what people are getting so upset about ...                                                                       in Toronto we have PAY 5 cents if we want a plastic bag with our groceries!                                          FREE BAGS? Lucky!

Conservative Gerry Breitkreuz, who supports a Private Member’s Bill to scrap the gun registry, was scheduled to speak at the Canadian Shooting Sports Association AGM until the raffle prize, a semi-automatic Beretta handgun caused an uproar.  A few days later, using expert distraction methodology, Stephen Harper speaks at Federation of Anglers and Hunters AGM where mere rifles are raffled off. God bless Breitkreuz who ended up attending the event as a “private citizen.”

  1. Bullet“Umm, Luckily Sweetness made it all better by having a rifle draw!!

Rifles are okay - they aren’t guns .... hello... the bullets are totally different!!

It’s like tazing - a totally harmless alternative!!

When presenting January 2009 budget, Stephen Harper explains home renovation tax deductions by stating, “If you own a home and you have a wife you will probably being doing home renovations this year.”


  1. Bullet “Umm, Luckily Sweetness knows that a good married woman

has loads of  time on her hands to demand home improvements. 

Geez I wonder how those living in sin get their home renovations done?

Or those big-time same-sex sinners.  Are they even allowed to own their own homes??!?

Minister for Immigration and Multiculturalism, Jason Kenney raises concerns over the language abilities of immigrants stating that immigrants who don’t speak English or French should be denied citizenship.

  1. Bullet“Umm, You are either one of us or NOT one of us !!

Then Jason Kenney cuts two million dollars used to fund English language training for newcomers at the Canadian Arab Federation citing terrorist concerns but really the, “objectionable nature of public statements made by the Executive Director.”

  1. Bullet“Umm, You are either WITH us or AGAINST us!!

In hot pursuit, British MP George Galloway was denied entry to Canada by Canada Border Services Agency who stated that Galloway was inadmissible on security grounds because he delivered humanitarian aid to Gaza. Minister of Immigration Jason Kenney refused to overturn the decision.

  1. Bullet“Umm, luckily my man’s troops know the difference between ENGLISH which gets you into Canada and BRITISH which doesn’t.  (see two prior entries) 

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz jokes about listeriosis crisis. When a new death in P.E.I. is announced, Ritz says,  “Please tell me its (Liberal Agriculture Critic) Wayne Easter.”  To date 19 people have died. At Agricultural Debate, Ritz leaves through the back door.

  1. Bullet“Umm, Luckily Sweetness taught Gerry how to leave by the back door.

It works when that mean media is around !!!” (see Trivia Quiz & Video Blog #8)

Tory Communications Director Ryan Sparrow suspended after accusing Jim Davis, father of Cpl. Paul Davis - killed in Afghanistan - of being a Liberal. Davis said if the Mission ended without meeting objectives, it would mean his son died in vain. The Top Tory implied that the comments were political motivated due to Davis’ party affiliation.

  1. Bullet“Umm, Luckily, my Decisive Man is at it again. 

Young Ryan is or will be reinstated.  Hip Hip Hooray! 

One less unemployed youth!” (see Bestest Leader Chart & Video Blog #7) 

Conservatives give children in Iqaluit  handwritten welcome signs to hold up in photo op with PM. Children allowed to keep signs.

  1. Bullet“Umm, Luckily, my sweetness has promised to give $500.00 tax deductible

benefits for arts classes, so little Iqaluit children

won’t have to borrow signs anymore!!” (see Video Blog #6)

Official Stephen Harper website has front-page ad showing a bird pooping on Liberal Leader Stephane Dion.

  1. Bullet“Umm, they say my Stephen doesn’t care about the environment,

but as soon as he shows interest in nature, everybody just jumps all over him.

WOW!  So hypocritical Lovelies! 

Birds fly, right? Birds poop, right? Dion has a shoulder, right? 

It was just nature ... that’s what happens ...

it happened to me on a date with a hacker who was too cheap

to take me anywhere but the park...”  (see Diary entry #2)

Stephen Harper sends Happy Jewish New Years cards to Canadian Jewish community.  Confused Jew’s perturbed.  The holiday is a high holy day ... cards are inappropriate.  Mostly, though, people wonder how Stephen knows they are Jewish, especially the non-practicing ones who have never filled out a census or participated in community events.


  1. Bullet“Umm, I bet it’s those really cool secret electronic counter-espionage PO-lice. 

Don’t worry they have our best interests in mind.

They make sure we are warm and fuzzy!!” (see Video Blog #5)

A company that supplies equipment to the Canadian armed forces referred to Muslims as “rag-headed, heathen bastards” on its website. It also jabs women and Liberals.  The Prime Minister’s Office asked the company to remove the offending comments.

  1. Bullet“Umm, see how Awesomely Polite my Dude is !?!? It’s not like they still

believe those things, right? I mean they did remove them from their website

so for sure they don’t think that stuff anymore ... right?!”

Harper’s former speechwriter copies parts of Australian PM John Howard’s speech in support of US-led Iraq war in Harper speech. When found out, speechwriter resigns from job as researcher for Conservative Party. Later this week, Harper accused of plagiarism once again as his 2003 speech bears striking resemblance to Mike Harris 2002 speech.

  1. Bullet“Umm ..... I am sure that it’s the clairvoyant’s fault. 

She was probably thinking about John Howard and then ...

I guess there was channelling... yea channelling. 

So when she fixed my man’s hair ...

somehow those thoughts got in his head! (Video Blog #4)

Conservative Candidate Chris Reid blogs about the need for “concealed-carry handgun legislation in this country, so we can defend one another ....” After the leak, Mr. Reid voluntarily stepped down.

  1. Bullet“Umm... hmmmm ..... OOOPs !!!  Poor dude!

He totally forgot that he wasn’t supposed to say until

there is a Conservative majority !!

Conservative Candidate Rob Anders who represents Calgary West believes that “Canadian diplomacy and humanitarian work should focus on changing foreigners’ language to English and their faith to Christianity.”

  1. Bullet“Umm... hmmmm ... EEEEEK !!


...This “Family” makes no mistakes!!